– Do you know your asthma score?
– Do you have a written asthma action plan?
– Do you use your puffer through a spacer?
– Do you know why you have different asthma inhalers?

Managing your asthma can be more complicated than you think. Up to 90% of people who use asthma inhalers do not use them correctly, even for people who have been using their inhalers for years, increasing their risk of hospitalisation and death.

To combat this problem, at Karuah Pharmacy, we offer Free Asthma Check and Education. It is a quick and convenient process which involve our pharmacist to assess your asthma or COPD management and inhaler technique. Improving inhaler technique will improve your quality of life, lungs function and asthma control.

Come in for your asthma check today, no appointment required.

Cost : FREE