Don’t get wiped out this flu season, with a quick trip to Karuah Pharmacy and you will be set and ready to fight off the flu.
– Flu shot
– Immune support
– Hand sanitiser
– Blanket, scarf, and warm cuppa

Our pharmacist, Wilson is Accredited to administer flu vaccination for you at Karuah Pharmacy, with no appointment or sripts are required, no more wait, just walk in, and Wilson will look after you. Brief procedures are as below,
– Assess you for your suitability for receiving the flu vaccine (allergic, medical history etc)
– Keep full and secure elctronic records of your consultation
– Observe you for 15 minutes to ensure you don’t have an adverse reaction
– Provide you with a record of your consultation and vaccine administration
– Send a copy of the above to your regular GP for your medical records

During the consultation, if you are deemed to qualify for free influenza vaccination under the Australian Government’s National Immunisation Program, you will be refered to your regular GP.
– Person aged 6 months and over with medical risk conditions
– Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged 6 months to less than 5 years; and adults aged 15 years and over
– Adults aged 65 years and over
– Pregnant women

What you need to know,
– No appointment is required
– No script is needed
– We can only administer vaccine to adults aged 18 years and older
– Our flu clinic run seasonally, usually around March to June each year

Cost : Fee applies