Hearing loss is a significant health issue in the community which affects one in six people in Australia and 60 per cent of people aged over 60. Australian Hearing recommends people over the age of 65 should get their hearing checked regularly.

Australian Hearing is the largest provider of hearing and rehabilitation services throughout Australia. At Karuah Pharmacy, we partner with Australian Hearing to provide Hearing Assessment to you.

The hearing test takes approx. 15 minutes and are conducted by Australian Hearing’s professional staff. During the test, you will be asked on lifestyle questions related to your hearing, then tested on 2 to 4 frequencies of air conduction using headphones with amplified tones. You will then be provided with the test result and advice on if further assessment is needed.

At Karuah Pharmacy, we offer Free Hearing test for you. The hearing clinic will be held on our event calendar. Its open to all adults and bookings are essential.

Please contact our team to find out more on our next Hearing Clinic.

Cost : FREE