Home Medicines Review (HMR) is a comprehensive review of your medicines by an Accredited Consultant Pharmacist. It takes place in your home and involves a referral from you GP. HMR service enhances GP-Pharmacist collaboration, improves your understanding of your medicines and the quality use of medicines.

At Karuah Pharmacy, we have our very own Accredited Consultant Pharmacist, Wilson. He has over 8 years consulting experience and he is the only Consultant Pharmacist in the region. Wilson will come to you, spend one-on-one time discussing your medicines with you.

Do your medicines need a check-up? Do any of the following apply to you?
– Have you recently been discharged from hospital?
– Are you taking 5 or more prescription medicines?
– Have you had recent major changes to your medicines?
– Do any of your medicines make you feel unwell?
– Do your medicines (e.g. Warfarin) need regular monitoring?
– Do you use devices to assist with your medication management e.g. blood glucose machine?
– Do you see more than one doctor?
– Are you sometimes unsure or confused about which medicines you should be taking?
– Would you like to have a better understanding of your medicines?
– Would like you to be more confident in using your medicines?

Talk to Wilson, or your GP, ask for a referral if you think this would benefit you.

Cost : FREE