At Karuah Pharmacy, we can assist you to manage your medications by packing them into a hygienically sealed blister-pack, which we called ‘Webster-Pack’.

It is a clear blister pack with multiple compartments that allow you to see through exactly what tablets are inside. It is a simple way to keep track of taking your medications correctly, at the right dose at the right time. It suits to be used at home, while traveling or in school. Our Webster-Pak can give you independence and peace of mind to yourself and your love one.

We can also deliver your medication packs to your doorstep if you have difficulty getting out.

Webster-Pack could benefits you, or your loved one, if you answer ‘yes’ to the following questions,
– Do you take multiple medicines?
– Having difficulty keeping up with your prescriptions and medications?
– Do you have trouble remembering when to take your medicines or miss doses altogether?
– Are you worried your loved one may not be taking the right medicine at the right time?
– Are you planning to go on holiday and not wanting to carry boxes full of medicines with you?

Look no further, we can help!

To set up a Webster-Pack, we need a current ‘Medications Profile’ from your doctor, stating your current medications and dosages. Simply ring us or call in to discuss with us for more info.

Cost : Fee applies (Except for DVA and QUMAX)