Karuah Pharmacy is now under NEW MANAGEMENT!!

We are so excited to finally announce that after 6 years away from Karuah, WILSON is finally back to our community.

During this transition period, we will do our absolute best to assist you with all your medications, and health needs.

We are all learning the new computer system and we are aware that our stock is low, but please bear with us. It may take a few weeks to fill the shelves again but we WILL do it and Karuah Pharmacy will once again be what it should be. A busy, fully stocked, fully equipped Pharmacy that has all your needs available.

We truly thank you all for your patience and understanding during these next few weeks.

There are so many things we would like to share, so please follow our Facebook page and you will see all of our future development continue to flourish.

Karuah Pharmacy, your local chemist, like you have never seen beforeā€¦.

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